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We build websites with WordPress, which eliminates the need for long hours of coding. This saves us time, which in turn saves you money. Scroll down to see how it works.

How it works

We originally provided businesses completely custom websites that could do anything you imagined If you imagined it, we built it. The problem with designing something completely custom is that it’s time consuming and expensive. To complete some of the requested projects, we have to get designers,  developers, plugins, and software involved. All of these factors make our costs go up, and in turn, your costs go up.

The only problem with websites, is that you only see the finished product. Something that looks very simple, might actually require a specialized developer, a software designer, and dozens of hours of extra work. Our clients would look at businesses who spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on their websites and then ask us if we could add a “cool feature ” that they just saw on an article with “top 10 websites of 2020”. Of course, we could, but generally, they didn’t want to pay for the extra work. Then, we are seen as the bad guys if we don’t do what they say. We get bad mouthed, or fired, and weeks of work and the entire relationship we have built goes down the drain. 

Instead of worrying about all of these issues, we have simplified the process. We have an array of proven, high converting, designer website templates for every type of business from lawyers, to plant nurseries, to dog walkers. If you’re in business, we have a template for you. After you tell us about your business, we send you 3 hand-selected templates that would work for your business and you tell us which one you like. You tell us some of the changes you’d like to make (fonts, text, colors, move sections, etc.) and then we build your site. We’ll review it one last time after we send it to you, and then we’re done. No constant back and forth changes, no international communication issues, no surprises on price. You see what you’re getting, you make the changes you want, and you get what you asked for. 


"What really turned me over was the ability to understand how everything works without any prior knowledge."
John Doe

Step 1: Intro

Tell us about your business. What is your business name? What services do you offer? What are the prices of those services? Do you have any testimonials or social media? Do you have any examples of the website you want? Click below to download the introductory questionnaire to see all the questions. (The download will start automatically and it won’t direct you to another page.)

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Step 2: Review

After carefully reviewing your completed questionnaire, we will send you 3 design templates that fit your business’ needs, along with a detailed VIDEO description of why we chose those templates. Don’t worry, whichever one you pick won’t be your final site. We’re always changing things up so that your website will be as unique as your business.

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Step 3: Pick a design

Once you receive the templates we have hand-picked specifically for your business, it’s time for you to pick your favorite. On the rare chance that you don’t like any of the templates we send you, let us know and we’ll send you another set. Let us know which one you like the best. Tell us what you like and what you don’t like. If you like one part of one template, and another on a different template, let us know. The more information, the better. 

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Step 4: Almost done

We will send you a completed version of the website template with the changes you asked for. If you have any minor changes you’d like to make (text blocks, order of sections, fonts, etc.) just let us know!

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Step 5: Finished

After making final changes, we will transfer your website over to your host or keep it under ours for FREE (1 year). Congratulations! You now have a completely original designer site specifically for your business! But we’re not done yet, over the next few weeks we’ll send you SEO and Digital Marketing advice so that you can get the most our of your site. (Remember, you could have a $20,000 website, and if you don’t drive traffic to it, then it’s worthless. No one is just going to stumble upon it.

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WHat you get with our services

100% Responsive Website

Not only will your website look good on a computer, but it will look good on a computer, iPad, and mobile. Don't forget, 70% of google searches are done on mobile.

Basic SEO

We will make it easy for search engines like; Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Safari find your site when people search for it at no extra cost.

FREE 1 Year of Hosting

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Easy Communication

We are fingertips away. Whatever your preferred method of communication is (call, text, email) feel free to reach out and we will get back to you the very SAME day.

Proven Design Templates

All of our templates are designed to keep your customers on your page longer and to improve your conversion rates.

Focus On YOUR Business

Don't miss a beat. We made our process seamless so that you can continue doing what you do best: running your business.

Let's make a beautiful website together

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